Civil War Podcast, Episode 207


Edmund Kirby Smith (1824-1893)

In which we continue our march toward Perryville. In this episode we set the stage for the Battle of Richmond (Kentucky), which was one of the most lop-sided victories of the Civil War.

Our book recommendation for this episode is “General Edmund Kirby Smith, CSA” by Joseph H. Parks.

One thought on “Civil War Podcast, Episode 207

  1. Greg Post

    Hi guys, been listening for a couple of weeks now – up to ep39 and can’t get enough of your informative podcast. Back home in Australia now but having lived in the South for 20 years with my Louisiana Belle I have a definite leaning toward the Rebel cause. It was a terrible war pitting brother against brother and it’s worth learning about so we hopefully don’t go down that road again. Some of those fools tearing down statues in your country now would do well to learn the facts…
    Thank you very much

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