Civil War Podcast, Episode 179

SECOND MANASSAS (Part the Fourth)

In which we wrap up our discussion of the Second Battle of Manassas, which took place August 28-30, 1862.

Our book recommendations for this episode are “Second Manassas: Longstreet’s Attack and the Struggle for Chinn Ridge” by Scott C. Patchan and “He Hath Loosed the Fateful Lightning: The Battle of Ox Hill (Chantilly) September 1, 1862” by Paul Taylor.

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CHARLESTON (Part the Fourth)

CSS Palmetto State attacking USS Mercidita on the morning of January 30, 1863.

In which we continue the Charleston story arc by looking at what happened in the aftermath of the failed Union assault at Secessionville.  In this show, we discuss the dramatic sortie of the Confederate ironclads Palmetto State and Chicora in January, 1863.

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Civil War Podcast, Episode 176

SECOND MANASSAS (Part the First)

John Gibbon (1827-1896)

A soldier of the Iron Brigade, with his distinctive Hardee hat.

In which we look at the fight at the Brawner Farm, which took place on the evening of August 28, 1862.

Our book recommendation for this episode is “Civil War Infantry Tactics: Training, Combat, and Small-Unit Effectiveness” by Earl J. Hess.

Civil War Podcast, Episode 175


Confederate troops from Stonewall Jackson’s command pillaging Manassas Junction.

In which we look at Stonewall Jackson’s capture of the huge Federal supply depot at Manassas Junction, and his subsequent march to the old battlefield of First Manassas nearby.

Our book recommendation for this episode is “A Self-Made Man: The Political Life of Abraham Lincoln, 1809-1849” by Sidney Blumenthal.

Civil War Podcast, Episode 174


“I don’t care for John Pope one pinch of owl dung.” ~ Samuel Sturgis

In which we continue our march toward Second Manassas, looking at Stonewall Jackson’s movement around John Pope’s right flank.

Our book recommendation for this episode is “The American War: A History of the Civil War Era” by Gary W. Gallagher and Joan Waugh.

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