Good News and Bad News…

We’re moved! And so are our thirty-one boxes of Civil War books. Soooo many books. We’re very glad the move is over and we’re in our new place, but we did want to let you guys know that I (Rich) recently found out that I have a detached retina and will be having surgery to repair it. The doctor wanted to do the surgery right away, last week, but with the move that wasn’t going to work, so it will be later this week instead. Unfortunately, that means you will have to wait a bit longer for Episode #200. Sorry!

13 thoughts on “Good News and Bad News…

  1. douglasscarol106622288000

    Sorry to hear that! I hope the surgery goes well. Some years ago I had a torn retina and got it treated at a teaching hospital-Univ Cal at San Francisco/UCSF. Eventually, after what seemed like every student, intern, & resident had poked at my eye, the specialist used laser to “glue” the retina together. It’s lasted 20 years so far. So good luck to you! Not fun but not as bad as imagined.

  2. Matthew Andrews

    Thank you for all of your hardwork in putting these together. I’ve been listening as I’ve gotten my classroom ready for the fall and I’ve learned a lot!

  3. rich.chapman34566800

    Rich, feel better! I recently returned from a road trip to
    Shiloh, Chickamauga, Lookout Mountain (from NY) and listened
    to the podcasts most of the time, very enjoyable.

  4. Deb

    Anything with the eyes is always uncomfortable but fortunately it’s a common procedure. Feel better and don’t worry about all the boxes – they’ll be there (and some of our boxes are still unpacked after almost 20 years). Enjoy your new place

  5. marydunn6106192500

    Thank you, thank you for the podcast! I had never had any interest in the Civil War and not too much in history but came across your podcast as my son and I were traveling to visit my daughter in Philly (coming from NC). It was a long, boring trip and I thought about listening to a podcast–my daughters were always talking about many different podcasts they listen to. I thought my son might be interested in one on the Civil War since we were passing through some familiar Civil War names (I could recognize the names of places as from the Civil War, but names were all I knew). After eating a pizza in Martinsburg the podcast we were listening to mentioned that city several times. I loved the podcast, I was hooked! You made the Civil War come alive. I have enjoyed having both of you speak on the podcast, I appreciate all the details you include and the personal narratives you bring. I went back to the beginning and have enjoyed listening from the beginning of the podcast, then the members episodes as well. Thank you both for all your research. I appreciate you including your personal insights as well. Not only have I learned more about the Civil War but about this nation and its history. Since I found the history so interesting I have been reading one of your recommended books on the years leading up to the Civil War. It has been fascinating! I have been interested to find a lot that has happened in history isn’t much different than what happens today! All this to say again…thank you!
    Rich, I do hope you recover soon. I had a friend with that problem and he did well after the surgery…several years had the same thing happen in the other eye but again, recovered after surgery. I hope you both enjoy your new place.

    Mary Dunn
    Morganton, NC

  6. Carol Hindley

    I wish you a successful surgery and a speedy recovery, Rich! Those boxes of admittedly amazing Civil War books can wait to be unpacked. Again, let this (almost) retired Canadian teacher thank you BOTH for what must be a Herculean task for researching, preparing, producing and presenting these fascinating podcasts. I started them from the very beginning a few months back and am now up to #196. I feel very spoiled to have been able to “binge listen” to one almost each day but will not bemoan the wait in between episodes going forward. I mainly follow the Civil War Trust’s maps as I listen. I’ve been a CW buff since my 30’s and have been twice to Gettysburg, and once to Appomattox. It is imperative that I now get to Antietam for a few days as your latest podcasts on this horrendous, unimaginable day have really brought it very much to life. I LOVE how you start the episodes reciting a portion of a letter or a report from an enlisted or an officer based on the battle we’re about to hear about. This is reflective and indeed emblematic of the balanced approach you have consciously taken to what still seems (to me) to be a largely “unresolved” issue for many Americans. How different our two national histories have been, eh?! Anyway, all the best to you both going forward and I look forward (no – I’m addicted) to the episodes which lay ahead. Warmest regards.

  7. Rich Kelly

    Thanks for all you hard work with this podcast. I work on a farm in Connecticut and l listen to you guys everyday while I am in my tractor thanks for the company

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