Civil War Podcast, Episode 193

ANTIETAM (Part the Eighth)

Joseph King Fenno Mansfield (1803-1862)

In which we look at the attack by Mansfield’s Twelfth Corps on the north end of the Confederate line on the morning of September 17, 1862 at the Battle of Antietam.

Our book recommendation for this episode is “Landscape Turned Red: The Battle of Antietam” by Stephen W. Sears.

2 thoughts on “Civil War Podcast, Episode 193

  1. douglasscarol106622288000

    Hi, Rich & Tracy (sp?). Your fascinating podcast led me to read Doris K. Goodwin’s book, “A Team of Rivals.” on p. 519, 300+ to go.
    Something I’ve been struck with in the letters from those years that you read, & countless incidents in the book, is how full of superlatives opinions are. E.g., Seward “…knows less of public law and of administrative duties than any man who ever held a seat in the Cabinet.” (Montgomery Blair, cited in Team of R.) And “Never before did the finances of any nation, in the midst of a great war, work so admirably as do ours.” the New York Times, re: Chase, Sec’y Treasury. Also in Team of a R.
    Have you guys noticed this? Is it naivite? Hubris? Coming from the excitement & newness of being a recently-formed country? All three? What do you two think?

  2. Rich & Tracy Y Post author

    So glad you are reading “Team of Rivals”! It has been a while since we read it, but neither of us remembers noticing what you have pointed out. Not sure what might account for it, but it might just be the convention at that time to write in such a manner.

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