Civil War Podcast, Episode 182


Union troops on the march!

In which we look at the movements of Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia after it crossed the Potomac River into Maryland.  We also discuss the reaction of George B. McClellan’s Army of the Potomac to the Confederate strike north. And we talk about Lee’s Special Orders No. 191.

Our “book recommendation” for this episode is the Winter 2016 issue of The Civil War Monitor magazine, which contains an article about the Lost Order by Stephen Sears.

3 thoughts on “Civil War Podcast, Episode 182

  1. Kieran Lowe

    hello there, my name is Kieran Lowe and I live in Washington state. I’m working in the tahoma WE THE PEOPLE THE CITIZEN AND THE CONSTITUTION. On request for my allies I am attempting to teach them all the things I know about the civil war in response to one of their questions for the national competition coming in April in DC. I write to ask you if you could perhaps aid me in this hour of need. I intend to attach the question they are attempting to answer and wanted to know if you could recommend a handful (10-30) episodes of the podcast that would help on this question?

    According to Kermit Hall, “The Civil War obliterated the institution of slavery and the doctrines of state
    sovereignty and secession that supported it. Such sweeping changes forced a wholesale reexamination of federalism and civil rights that lasted for almost a quarter-century.”* What impact have the Thirteenth,
    Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments had on civil rights in America? What have been the limitations on their
    • What impact, if any, did the three amendments have on the balance of power between the national and state governments? What
    evidence supports your position?
    • What historical events in American history led to the advancement of the goals of the three amendments? To what extent have
    the goals of the three amendments been fully realized? Explain your position.

    While they are ultimately the ones who will be pursuing the writing of the essay I love you guys I listen to you every week (when no ones on call of course) and I have been since the beginning. I just wanted to know if you guys can help or not. Cheers, Kieran.

  2. Rich & Tracy Y Post author

    Hi, Kieran- Unfortunately, since we’re doing the podcast as a chronological narrative, we haven’t got to the topics you’ve asked about and so there aren’t really any episodes that address those issues. Sorry!

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