He’s on the mend!

Thanks to those of you who have sent messages or emails regarding Rich’s surgery. This is us last Thursday before the procedure was done. He has had a rough time on the road of recovery since then, but he turned a corner today and is definitely on the mend. He says, “Thanks, you guys!”


7 thoughts on “He’s on the mend!

  1. Nick

    Hope you get better soon. I really enjoy your fantastic podcast, you two are creating a monumental series here. I wish you two the best, and get well Sir.

  2. ian.james56225900

    Hi guys

    Good to hear Rich is back on his feet and good to have the podcast rolling again. I found a copy of James McPherson’s Tried By War in my local second hand bookshop here in Edinburgh. I bought it, much to the annoyance of my wife who wonders exactly how many Civil War books I actually need…

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Glenn English

    Guys! I thought you had given up the battle(s)!

    Apple (without my knowledge or consent) ‘updated’ my iTunes, and trashed all my podcasts. I just resubscribed and iTunes seems to have discovered it.

    And now I go to the website to see Rich in a hospital bed! It’s good to know what y’all look like, but what happened? iTunes is downloading something, so I assume he’s back and healthy again.

    Way congrats on the recovery!

  4. Rich & Tracy Y Post author

    Hi, Glenn. We’re glad it sounds like things are sorted out with iTunes. As for the surgery, well, you know, as you get older, things just start to wear out 🙂

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