Members Episode #51


Henry Walter Kingsbury (1836-1862)

David Rumph Jones (1825-1863)

In which we share the story of brothers-in-law, Confederate Major General DR Jones and Union Colonel Henry W. Kingsbury, who faced each other across Antietam Creek on September 17, 1862.

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One thought on “Members Episode #51

  1. Carol Douglass

    I love this podcast. On #51 now. A couple of comments, tho, on the medical episode: it’s “miasma (mie-az-muh) not miasum. More important, “camp fever” is not typhoid. It’s TYPHUS, which is a completely different disease.
    Also, “calvary” is not interchangeable with “cavalry.” Sorry, Rich.
    But all in all this is a wonderful series and the amount of work you’ve put into it is mind-boggling. Will your entire series be made into a book eventually? Thank you for doing this!

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